Bicycle Mechanics Classes at CAT

Upcoming sessions of our courses are listed on the CAT Calendar. Sign up for a class, here.

Park Tool School Basic Bike Maintenance Class

This 4-hour class is an excellent overview of bicycle maintenance for everyone. Learn about tires, tubes, brakes, gears, and more. Course includes:

  • How to lube your chain, cables and pivots
  • How to clean your bike
  • Minor brake and shifting adjustments
  • On-ride repairs for road and trail
  • A helpful tune-up for all riders
  • Tires and tubes
  • Replacing brake pads and chain (time permitting)

Tuition Fee: $100

Basic BIke Maintenance Class flyer can be viewed here

Park Tool School Advanced Mechanics Class

This 16-hour class offers a deep level of mechanical practice if you have already taken the Basic Mechanics Class. It is for the advanced home mechanic or someone looking to build a career with bicycles. Course includes:

  • Full tune-up protocol and practice
  • Frame and for dropout alignment
  • Derailleur hanger alignment
  • Wheel truing
  • Chain science
  • Cassettes and freewheels in-depth
  • Bottom bracket service
  • Hub bearing overhauls
  • Headset maintenance
  • Handlebars & stems
  • Carbon fiber component care
  • Disc brakes (upon request)
  • Suspension fork adjustments (upon request)

Prerequisite for the Advanced Class: Take the Basic Class with instructor approval

Tuition Fee: $300