Take a Walk

Quality of life in our Lehigh Valley communities benefits with walkability. Walkability reduces reliance on automobiles for short trips, thereby improving air quality. Walkability encourages physical fitness and overall health and well-being. Walkability encourages getting to know our neighbors and helps us look out for each other.

  1. Have you ever gone for a walk to clear your head, to enjoy the sky, sun, rain or trees?
  2. Do you live close enough to walk to work, school or shopping?
  3. Does your community have ADA accessible sidewalks for wheelchairs?
  4. Do your municipal officials value traffic calming so that pedestrians aren’t faced with crossing four or more¬†lanes of traffic at 45mph?
  5. Do drivers in your town yield to pedestrians in crosswalks?

Get your local neighborhood walk score by clicking here (walkscore.com)

What are your thoughts on walkability in your town? Please login and share.

Read about high-visibility crosswalks in this technical paper